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Kardias ...with your whole heart

Take the risk of living with your whole heart.

Welcome to Kardias (kar-DEE-us)!

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You may wonder where this strange word "kardias" comes from.

In the words of our Lord, Jesus Christ (quoting Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and Leviticus 19:18): "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.' The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." (Mark 12:30-31, NIV)

It has been our experience that these two commands are truly inseparable. Loving God with our whole heart propels us toward our neighbor in need. And to reach out to others in need only brings us closer to the heart of God, and to His holiness in our lives.

The Greek word for heart in this passage is kardias. This word is defined as "the seat and center of human life" including ones "desires, feelings, affections, passions, impulses." (from The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament © 1992 by AMG International, Inc. Revised Edition, 1993)

It is the desire of my family that we live this life with our whole heart. Firstly, we will love the Lord our God with all of our heart, with all of our soul, with all of our mind, and with all of our strength. God the Father and Jesus Christ are the seat and center of our lives.

In order to live with our whole heart, we must first have a whole heart. Because we live in a broken world, because we were slaves to sin, because this whole world lies in the lap of the evil one, there have been many events in our lives that have crushed our hope, stolen our desire to go on, and killed the life within us (John 10:10). Through time, our Father has brought some of those events to the surface; as we yield our brokenness to the Master Healer, Jesus heals us; He restores our soul, saves us from the death that is in our flesh, and gives us life to the full.

We are called to give comfort, encouragement, and joy with our whole heart.
We are called to give comfort, encouragement, and joy with our whole heart.

There have been wonderful friends over the years that have been a soothing balm to our wounded spirits; it is the community of believers that serves as the arms of God to give comfort when your is broken, to give encouragement when your arms are weak, and to share in your joy when your faith is full. With God's help, with Christ's strength, and with the Spirit's leading, we desire to create a community like that. It is not right, is not natural, it is not necessary to go through this life alone.

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