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Thank you for taking the time to visit Kardias Ministries, working in cooperation with Common Ground Christian Ministries. Your interest is a blessing to us and those whom we help.

America is a blessed nation. Though it may be surprising, even those who are considered to be in poverty in America are actually living fairly safe and comfortable lives compared to the average person in the rest of the world. As we traveled around India, we saw field after field of rice with whole communities coming out together to plant and harvest the crop as their main source of income. Now, the workers in the field didn't own the field; they didn't own the crop; and they didn't profit from the yield from year to year. They worked for 12 to 14 hours per day, and their take-home pay? About $.50 per day. Even by international standards, that's not a lot of money.

Americans have a big heart. They hear about the poverty. They hear how life is hard for other people out there. They hear how there are people who hardly have enough to even buy rice three meals a day. And they want to help, but they have heard one too many horror stories of crooks who are playing them, or have been given one too many warnings about how you can't trust people out there. I mean, how can you be sure that your money is going to the actual use that the person is telling you? Will you be able to check up on them and make sure they are being honest?

Kardias Ministries spans the gap of trust.
Kardias Ministries spans the gap of trust.

Trust is everything. That is where Kardias Ministries spans the gap. As a family, as an organization, as a ministry, it is our aim to live a life that brings honor to the name of Christ. As you interact with us, it is my hope that you see lives marked by integrity, honesty, and sincerity, in full submission to the service of Jesus Christ. And on the other side, it is our desire to help only those who honestly need the help and can be trusted to use the help for the purpose for which it was given. We have personally met with these people. We have seen the need with our own eyes. We have seen how they have used aid in the past, and everything checks out.

To us, these aren't just "people out there." These are our friends. We maintain a relationship with them. We share in their joy, and we share in their difficulties. We keep them in our prayers.

We hope that you will choose to trust, and that you will choose to help. Read more about the opportunities to help in the other pages, and visit the support page if you are feeling led to contribute to any of these projects.

Working together we can make a world of difference.
Working together we can make a world of difference.

If you would like your funds to go to a specific project, please note that on the check. Any donations that you send are completely tax deductible.

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