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To learn more about Mission India 2012, please click a link below.

What Can I Do To Help?

Our primary desire is that all who are able to go on this trip will go. But life is such that sometimes it just can't be done. If this is the case for you, there may be other ways that you could help us.

1. Primarily, please help us with your prayers. Traveling internationally is not the same as traveling domestically. Please pray that the Lord will provide everything that we need, that we will have safety there and back, and that He would be infused in everything we do so that people will see our good works and praise our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16).

2. Maybe you have something that you would like us to take and donate to the orphans or widows in India. If you would like to donate something like this, there are some issues that we need to discuss. Please give me a call and we can talk it through: (317) 605-0951.

3. It seems that we have two types of people who are interested in this opportunity. Firstly, there are those who have the desire and the availability to go, but they do not have the money. Secondly, we have those who have the money to go, but do not have the availability to go. If you are in the latter group, consider that you may be the conduit through which the Lord works to supply another's needs. Please consider if you can help sponsor someone else to go on Mission India 2012.

4. We will be donating some useful supplies while we are in India. For example, we plan on teaching some simple classes to the orphans. And we usually get a gift for the widows and elderly (i.e. cookware, clothing, toiletries). In order to accomplish these goals we will need to buy supplies.

If you wish to help with items 3 or 4, you may make a financial donation (100% tax deductible) by writing a check to "Common Ground Christian Ministries", putting a note for "MI 2012" in the memo, and sending it to:

  Kardias Ministries
  694 Hohlier Ln
  Avon, IN  46123