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Tyler Kincade: Vitamin Mission For Malnourished Orphans

[This note is brought to you by Tyler Kincade.]

I am very excited for this trip to India. Unfortunately I will not be able to make the trip on this mission, but I still really want to help with this ministry. Kardias is doing another mission trip VERY soon, leaving May 14th.

It has come to my attention that they will be visiting Hebron Home, an orphanage for about 210 children. Hebron Home has contacted Brian (the man that runs Kardias Ministries) and requested supplements to help the kids that come into the orphanage because many times the children come with no nutrients in their bodies at all! I saw this as a great opportunity to still make an impact on these children’s lives as I work in Health and Nutrition. I really want to send as much supplements and nutrition products over there that I can. I will be using YOR health products to send over there because they are premium products that can REALLY help these kids jump start their health and give them a chance to live a healthy life. I get a discount through YOR Health because I work with them. I am SO EXCITED to help out this orphanage as it is a great cause.

My idea is I will be buying extra luggage to send over there and what I’m asking for is donations to pay for enough products to fill these suitcases!! With everyone’s help I’d like to see how many suitcases we can send over so anything and everything helps! You can use PayPal to gift any amount you want.

1 [Note: These cash gifts to Tyler will not be tax deductible.]

Thank you for your support in this great cause! If you have any questions you can call me at (513)-515-6897 or email me at kincade_tyler@yahoo.com

God Bless,

Tyler Kincade