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Mission India 2012

Have you ever imagined what it must have been like to preach the Gospel and serve brethren as we read in the book of Acts? Would you like to have such an experience, one that will broaden your vision of the world and expand your heart? Do you want a better perspective of what God sees with His all-encompassing view of mankind? Are you willing to put all your blessed understanding to practical use in teaching it to others who are eager to hear the Words of Life? Do you want to be a part of filling these needs and discovering practical ways to live out your Christian faith? Do you want to tangibly affect others' lives for good? If so, Kardias Ministries is offering an opportunity that you will want to prayerfully consider.

Kardias Ministries joyfully announces its third mission trip to the country of India. This will be a short-term mission trip, lasting two weeks. It is an opportunity to learn and experience serving people and preaching the Gospel to a culture entirely alien to our understandings and comforts. Americans are blessed, but we sometimes fail to see beyond our own borders in how we can share those blessings. This will not be an easy trip in terms of physical comfort, and it will stretch you emotionally at times, but it will be a trip that stays in your heart for a very long time and will change you forever.

You may have a heart for such a trip but are asking, "How can I afford it?" - especially in this economy. One meaningful and important part of a mission trip is watching how the Lord can and does provide for those who commit to participating. Surrender your desire to Him. It is God’s desire that we reach the nations with the truth and love of the gospel. If it is also within His will for your personal journey to make this trip, He will make provision for you. In our experience, the lessons learned and the lives touched by your willingness to go will far outweigh the cost involved. Consider the values of our society. We easily sink $2,500.00 into a new flat screen TV, gaming systems, new furniture, a down payment on a new vehicle etc. etc. While accumulating these things isn’t necessarily wrong, consider the eternal value an experience like this brings to the heart, mind, and soul. So ask, seek, and knock. In the meantime, we are praying that the Lord brings those He wants and needs for this trip, and we trust Him with whom and how He provides.

Important Facts

  • Dates: May 14 - May 29, 2012
  • Location:
    • Six days in the rural villages of Lanka, Rajupalem and the port city of Kakinada (in the province of Andhra Pradesh)
    • Five days in the rural village of Palakol Town (in the province of Andhra Pradesh)
  • Mission:
    • To live and do James 1:27, and perform perfect religion by serving orphans and widows, and performing Matthew 28:19-20 to a people who may never have heard of Jesus Christ.
    • To be educated on how people in India live their daily lives. We will see both Christian and non-Christian lifestyles, as well as experience a rural and port city setting. We will see first-hand the needs in this region of the world.
    • To see how the Gospel is already having an impact in this part of the world, and the challenges they face being Christians in this land.
    • To learn better how to assist the brethren to further the spread of the Gospel in this part of the world.
  • To accomplish this mission:
    • We will tour various places to understand the Indian culture better.
    • We will have many days of hands-on, practical service projects that benefit the underserved groups of India: Orphans, street children, and widows.
    • We will serve orphans and discarded children in the full-time care of Sagar Jalli at Hebron Home with a "Bible camp", complete with sports, singing, play-acting and teaching them about the love of Christ, and our love for them.
    • We will visit with and pray for unbelievers that are being taught the gospel.
    • We will experience a baptism ceremony for new believers.
    • We will share the Holy Day of Pentecost and celebrate with our brethren on this feast day.
    • We will spend as much time as possible worshipping with fellow Christians in India.
  • Total Cost: $2,500 per person. This amount covers all international travel costs: airfare, lodging, transportation, and food; amount for all domestic costs (domestic airfare, hotel if needed) and any souvenirs from India are NOT included.
  • Deadlines:
    • $250 due by January 31, 2012, to hold a seat on the airplane
    • $1,500 due by March 15, 2012
    • Remaining balance of $750 due by May 1, 2012
  • Instructions for checks:
    • Make all checks payable to "Common Ground Christian Ministries"
    • Put a note on the check for "India Trip 2012"and designate who the funds are for.
    • Mail the check to:   Kardias Ministries   694 Hohlier Ln   Avon, IN 46123

Video From MI 2010

To get a good feel for the kinds of activities that we will be doing while in India, please enjoy the videos from the mission trip in March-April 2010. Click here to view the entire Mission India 2010 video. To request this video on DVD, please contact us.