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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Latest News from Kardias Ministries

Kardias Ministries Launched!

The Smith family with our good friend Haung Dau Hey there friend,

Brian and Stephanie Smith, here. Many of you followed our adventures as we traveled to Thailand. While there we volunteered our time for a year teaching young adults from the hill tribes of Thailand and Burma subjects such as The Life and Times of Jesus Christ, Health and Hygiene, Leadership, and Beginning Computer Applications, among others.

We even had the privilege of spending two weeks in India, spending time with some old friends and making new ones.

We put in a great year teaching in Thailand, but that door has closed for us. Now we find ourselves settled into Indianapolis, but we don't want to walk away from all of the relationships that we have formed, ones truly given to us by God.

The Lord has given Stephanie and me many opportunities to help our brothers in Asia. We have been there firsthand to see the desperate needs of many widows, orphans, poor, hungry, and uneducated. Everyone knows the need exists, but few actually try to help. There are different reasons why. One of the most common is fear of the horror stories of the people over there who are just using the right words to pull at your heart and get your money but are liars through and through.

That is why we are beginning a new ministry, to bridge the gap between those in America who want to help but don't know who to trust, and those in international areas that genuinely need help. Please take a look at our ministries page and see if there is a project that the Lord may want you to help with.

The focus of this newsletter is to introduce you to this new ministry. Future newsletters will keep you informed of the various activities of Kardias Ministries. Of course, though we have made liberal use of our contact list, it is not our intention to spam or annoy anyone. If you would prefer not to receive these updates for any reason, simply reply with “unsubscribe” in the subject or body of the email; no explanation is necessary.

Mission India 2008

Announcing a Hands-On Opportunity

Pastor Chitti with some neighborhood childrenAre you looking for a meaningful experience, one that will broaden your vision of the world and expand your heart? Do you want a better perspective of what God sees with His all encompassing view of our earth? Are you willing to consider the vast needs of its people? Do you want to be a part of filling these needs and discovering practical ways to live out your Christian faith? Do you want to tangibly affect others lives for good? If so, Kardias Ministries is offering an opportunity that you will want to prayerfully consider.

Kardias Ministries joyfully announces its first mission trip to the country of India. This will be a short-term mission trip, lasting two weeks. Americans are blessed, but we sometimes fail to see beyond our own borders in how we can share those blessings. This will not be an easy trip in terms of physical comfort, and it will stretch you emotionally at times, but it will be a trip that stays in your heart for a very long time and will change you forever.

For detailed information about this opportunity, please visit our web site: http://MissionIndia2008.Kardias.com/

If you are interested, or if there are questions that we can answer for you, please let us know:

Brian: (317) 605-0951 info@kardias.com

Stephanie: stephanie@kardias.com


We love you,

Brian and Stephanie Smith


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