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Kardias Ministries 2007 Year-End Report

Dear Supporters,

First of all, please accept our deep appreciation for your generous contributions. On April 9, 2007, Kardias Ministries, working in co-operation with Common Ground Christian Ministries, received its first donation. For the year of 2007 the ministry received a total of $7,499 from 22 donors, as shown below.

Allotment Donations Disbursements Remaining
Gampala Family $ 1,320 $ 1,320 $ 0
Chennai Orphanage $ 220 $ 0 $ 220
Burma Scholarship $ 0 $ 0 $ 0
General Fund $ 5,959 $ 3,970 $ 1,989
Total $ 7,499 $ 5,290 $ 2,209

Gampala Family

Disbursements to the Gampala Family

The ministry to the Gampala family is the most mature of the three current projects. Our first goal this year was to establish a regular monthly contribution for the widows, and a regular monthly contribution for the Gampala family (shared among the families of Pastor Chitti and Pastor John). Beyond the regular monthly amount, the additional money given to the Gampala family is balanced between the emergency needs of their family and the church members they serve, and longer-term projects that they have requested assistance with.

This year, Kardias Ministries was able to send money to support the Gampala family ($500), the basic needs of the widows ($400), and some extra money during the holy days to make those special ($500).

1: Moshe smiles brightly

Additionally, one of the church members by the name of Moshe (picture left) was in danger of losing his hearing due to holes growing in his eardrums. Money was provided to pay for the surgery on one of his ears ($300), saving his hearing. His other ear will be repaired in early 2008.

In 2005, a devastating monsoon flood severely damaged the home of Gampala Chitti. The house was condemned by the government and torn down. Because of the widespread devastation in the region, the Indian government initiated a relief program where they would build a new house for those families whose homes were destroyed by the flooding. The government would pay for half of the construction costs and give a loan for the other half. Out of the tragedy of losing their home and staying in a tent for nine months, Chitti saw this as a wonderful opportunity, not to get a new home for himself, but to build a proper “house of God” as a second floor on top of the new house.

The new House of God in Rajupalem

2: The new "House of God"

Construction on the home and the new “house of God” was completed just before our missionary trip in January 2007. It was a wonderful celebration to dedicate this new building to the Lord and His work in that area. 

In December 2007, the loan for the house and the additional “house of God” came due. Because of the Lord’s awesome provision, Kardias Ministries was able to forward the $3,500 needed to pay off the loan in its entirety and relieve the Gampala family of this heavy burden. If this loan had not been repaid in time, the government would have immediately sold the house at public auction. This was by far the largest donation to the Gampala family this year, and an important one. Having the church building is foundational to this family’s work of sharing the gospel. It serves as an anchor and a beacon of Christ’s light in a predominately Hindu village. It is a place where people are fed and the gospel is preached. And the Gampala families invite all to come. No one is turned away.

Sister Ruth hands out blankets to widows during the cold season

3: Sister Ruth hands out blankets to widows during cold season

Looking into 2008, Kardias Ministries would like to move beyond the $100 per month given to the entire group of widows in this region. We took our first step by providing a blanket and warm clothing for each widow during the cold season. But more can be done.

Most of the very basics of life can be purchased for about $30 per month per person (nutritious food, appropriate clothing, and adequate shelter). With about 25 widows cared for by the church in Rajupalem, the $100 is obviously not meeting the need.

Chennai Orphanage and School

2008 is expected to be a big year for the orphanage and school in Chennai, India. This location will be a highlight of the “Mission India 2008” trip. While visiting the school around the time of Pentecost, one of our goals is to begin cataloging each of the orphans cared for by the orphanage.

Short term, Hubert needs help providing for the basic needs of the orphaned children in his care: food, clothing, supervisory care, healthcare, etc. This alone is a daunting task, even at only $15 per child per month. $15 per child per month x 32 children (and growing) x 12 months = $5,760 per year.

Long term, Hubert is desperate for a new facility that is adequate for the needs of an orphanage and school of this size. His plan calls for the purchase of land and construction of a building similar to what is shown in diagram 4. In order to accomplish this dream, Hubert estimates that he will need about $25,000.

Proposed plans for a new orphanage and school

4: Proposed plans for a new orphanage and school

This year we would like each of the 35 orphans to be sponsored, and begin saving for the amount necessary to build a new orphanage and school.

Haung Dau

Burma Scholarship

Haung Dau has the dream of opening an orphanage and school in Kachinland, Burma. Having struggled his whole life to scrape together a valuable education, he wants to give the gift of quality schooling to so many others in his homeland. To accomplish this goal, he would like to be educated in the US, majoring in non-profit management and education. As of this writing, we are waiting for the results of Haung Dau’s TOEFL test. Assuming a good score and acceptance into a local university, the next step is to get an educational visa from the US consulate. If the visa is granted, Haung Dau could arrive in the States in time for the Fall 2008 school year. To accomplish the educational goal, Kardias Ministries needs to raise about $1,000 per month.

Gearing Up For “Mission India 2008”

Mission India 2008 is scheduled for June 1 to June 15, 2008. This trip will get you up close and personal with many of the people that Kardias Ministries serves. Come and see the building that the orphans use for school. Visit a widow’s hut and see for yourself what daily life means in India.

If you are not able to attend yourself, but are interested in this project, there are others who want to go but cannot accumulate the funds on their own. Would you be the hand of God providing a blessing for their lives? If you can do this, please let me know (see bottom of page for contact information).

In closing, we thank you again for your generosity and your prayers on behalf of Kardias ministries. Thank you for giving your heart to the nations of this world! God created all people in His image and loves them all completely, desiring all nations to stand before His throne in the New Jerusalem. Kardias is so very grateful for our partners and with your support we will continue to do all we can, as the Lord provides, to prepare the way for that glorious day.


Brian and Stephanie Smith

Brian and Stephanie Smith