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December, 2011

Kardias Ministries 2011 Year-End Report

Haung Dau and the Burma Scholarship Fund

Haung DauA world away from his own, Haung Dau is making great progress toward his life back home in Burma. We are so proud of how hard he is working at his studies at Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana. God is to be praised for all the good things He has provided for Haung Dau.

He continues to live at a boarding house there, run by an older gentleman who has a heart for international students. It has been an adventure living with individuals from both African and Middle Eastern countries, individuals of a differing faith, some having very different values. Haung Dau has been a Christian example of patience and kindness to those with whom he shares a roof and a dinner table.

There are some exciting developments in Burma that we are hopeful will pave an easier path for Haung Dau’s work once he returns home. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited in December 2011; the government has negotiated peace with the various tribes; they have even let the leader of Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi, free from her decades-long house arrest and allowed her political party to participate in the next election. However, many, most especially the oppressed in Burma, have a healthy skepticism about a government that has made promises in the past to obtain favor diplomatically, only to continue its brutality toward its people behind the closed doors of its borders. Please consider praying regularly for this root of change to take hold and make a lasting difference for the citizens of Burma.

With two years of college almost complete, we now turn our attention to the final half of Haung Dau’s education and training here in America. This is a crucial transition that we cannot make without God’s blessing and the help of our supporters who are being led to assist Haung Dau. Vincennes is only a two year institution and has been a wonderful launching point for Haung Dau’s college level learning. The small campus has proven to be a great place to start. This summer he will move back into our home here in Indianapolis and make preparations to attend Indianapolis University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) beginning in the fall of 2012. The transfer process begins soon.

IUPUI LogoIUPUI is a larger institution where he can zero in on his goal of learning crucial management skills for his work back home. IUPUI is significantly more expensive than Vincennes, though a good bargain when overall tuition rates are considered. The cost for a year of schooling will be $29,000 per year compared to the yearly rate of $11,000 at Vincennes. We humbly ask, in what we know is a tough economy, that you might consider a donation to the Burma Scholarship Fund to help Haung Dau finish out his education.

Haung Dau lost his father when he was very young. His mother struggled to provide the very basic of needs for him and his siblings. Education was considered a luxury they could not afford, but we in America know that education is crucial to reaching the higher goals of breaking the cycles of poverty and despair and for making a difference for others in the same situation, passing on the blessing of hope through education and training. Haung Dau has fought against the barriers of his youth, leaving a place barren of opportunity, travelling first to Thailand and now to America, to find an education that he can take back and share with others.

We believe God has blessed his heart of humility and obedience to His ways along this journey. It has been a true blessing for us to watch the Lord work in his life and we ask for you to consider in prayer if the Lord might have you share in our joy by helping him further along his way. We wanted Haung Dau to write from his own perspective how life in America is going for him and to share his steadfast heart for his goals and his people back home, so you can read his words here.

India Report

[This is a quick overview of some of the activities for the Gampala family. For a full discourse of these and other stories, please go view the Indian Supplemental.

It has been a year of growth, maturity and trials for our precious brethren in India. Kardias has been blessed by the grace of our Lord and your generosity to be able to make provisions and fill many of the physical needs of the congregations in Rajupalem and Lanka during 2011. Our primary goals continue: To embolden our brethren to continue in the faith, and to empower them to preach the Gospel to the Hindus around them. Were it not for this ministry and your efforts in support of our mission it is a sobering thought to consider where our brethren might be right now.

Chitti stands atop the new baptismal pool, built on top of Pastor John's home. The Hindu leadership has stepped up their persecution of the Gampala family. The act of baptizing new Christian converts in the local river (considered a god by the Hindus) has resulted in threats of physical harm or killings from the Hindus. To avoid this threat, a baptismal pool has been constructed on top of Pastor John’s house. However, the Hindus will still not allow them to put the name of their church on Pastor John’s home, nor allow them to care for widows in their own home. The Gampalas were forced to evict the widows they were caring for, though they are still surruptitiously providing daily food to these widows. Please pray that this situation will turn out well, for we know that “when a man's ways are pleasing to the Lord, he makes even his enemies live at peace with him.” (Prov 16:7, NIV)

Notice the paint, lighting, and decorations. After the flood of 2005 destroyed Pastor Chitti’s house, a new home and House of God were rebuilt. However, the House of God was only finished to the bare minimum to be used. There was no electricity, lighting, or fans, and the walls were bare concrete. We were able to finish these amenities in 2011 to make the space more conducive to worship services.

Two new portable P.A. systems have been provided for the use of conducting church services in locations where there is no permanent church building in order to increase the reach in preaching the Gospel.

Pastor Prasad and his new bride Anusha. Though he was not able to visit the USA as we had hoped, this has still been a big year for Prasad Gampala, son of Pastor John. In this year he has married his new wife, Anusha, been ordained for pastorship, and been tasked with the responsibility of tending the growing church area in the small city of Kakinada. Please pray that Prasad will preach Christ boldly and succeed in this new adventure.

The Gampala family has been plagued with sickness from the Strep virus. This condition was not originally diagnosed correctly, leading to complications such as rheumatoid arthritis and scarlett feaver. By God’s blessing, the entire Gampala family and widows were able to go to the doctor to test who was carrying the virus and get proper treatment.

Evangelist Michael Deering and his wife Ericka. The big news from the States for 2012: Mr. Michael Deering will be traveling to stay with the Gampala family for about four months beginning in late January. The primary purpose of this visit is to help the Gampalas have a more perfect understanding of God’s Word and to teach Prasad occupational skills in graphic design.

Record of Finances

Financially speaking, donations to Kardias Ministries were down this year. We attributed this decline to the continued degredation of the US economy. It has been a very difficult time for the nation, yea, for the world, and those who support this ministry are certainly not immune to the downfall. 2012 may prove to be a difficult year, indeed, if this trend continues. We pray and trust, however, that God will provide for His work, and if He chooses to continue to work through this ministry, then He exactly what is needed will be given. Thank you for your continued support!

Ministry Starting Donations Disbursements Transfers Remaining
General Fund $ 550 $ 2,645 $ - $ (3,015) $ -
Burma Scholarship $ 4,353 $ 6,590 $ (9,462) $ 3,015 $ 4,496
Gampala Family $ 8,455 $ 6,680 $ (11,527) $ - $ 3,608
Mission India 2012 $ - $ 3,700 $ (1,430) $ - $ 2,270
Grand Total $ 13,358 $ 19,435 $ (22,419) $ - $ 10,374


Our hearts swell with joy to serve “the least of these” brethren our Lord has allowed us to come to know. There is so much work yet to be done that our Lord’s people in India are called to do.

2011 has presented many challenges for our brethren in India, but it has also provided challenges for our ministry. The storm clouds of a bad economy and uncertainty in the world darken the horizon. Donations to the monthly support Kardias provides for the Gampala Ministry and the Burma Scholarship fund have dwindled appreciably in 2011. We know the times are very tough for most of us, but in comparison to the plight of many Christians in the third world, we as Americans are still blessed above and beyond the comprehension of most of our brothers and sisters in Christ living in Asia. There is still time that we can redeem to serve in a mighty work our Father is performing directly for His people there. We so much appreciate your support and help that we cannot adequately express our gratitude. If you saw the faces of those brethren your support directly helps, no amount of money in the world can buy such love and thanksgiving that they convey.

We are reminded of the words of Christ: “As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.” (John 9:4) We pray our Lord would give us the strength to complete the work to which He has called us.

Please continue to join us in this effort with your whole heart, as we continue to serve in the Lord’s work with ours.

After the end of the year and all donations are tallied we will post the 2011 finances to this location.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21)


Brian, Stephanie, Michael, and the Kardias Family